Discounts and Scholarships

Thanks to generous support from Project Lighthouse and The Donald Weesner Foundation, The Raptor Center is able to offer discounts and scholarships, at our site or at yours, to help everyone learn more about raptors. 

At The Raptor Center

Access For All Scholarship

Your group visits The Raptor Center.

     Discounts are as follows:

  • Schools or school programs where more than 90 percent of students are eligible for the Federal Free and Reduced-price Lunch Program can visit The Raptor Center at no charge.
  • Schools or school programs where 76-89 percent of students are eligible for the Federal Free and Reduced-price Lunch can receive a 75 percent discount.
  • Schools or school programs where 50-75 percent of students are eligible for the Federal Free and Reduced-price Lunch can receive a 50 percent discount.
  • Groups that are not schools or school programs (scout groups, summer camps, community groups, private groups) should use data from the school that most participants are from.

    Please note:
  • This scholarship is NOT available for programs scheduled in April or May.
  • This scholarship is only available for groups with 90 attendees or fewer.

Yellow Bus Fund Scholarship

This scholarship is made possible by the support of The Donald Weesner Foundation. This scholarship will cover the cost of one bus from your location to The Raptor Center. Eligibility is dependent on participation in the Federal Free and Reduced-price Lunch Program. Groups with 50% or more student participation are eligible to receive this scholarship. The group is responsible for arranging their own transportation. If approved, the bus company should be notified to send the invoice directly to The Raptor Center.

To apply, download the scholarship application below.
PDF icon trc_scholarship_application2.pdf

You can apply for more than one if your eligibility extends to multiple scholarships or discounts.

At Your Site

Project LIghthouse Scholarship

Our scholarships for programs at your site are a result of our partnership with the Geek Partnership Society. The scholarship offered provides you with a one hour non-eagle program that includes three raptors, usually an owl, falcon, and hawk. The program must be within 50 miles of The Raptor Center. To determine your eligibility for this scholarship, go to the link below. The Raptor Center will receive approval from the Geek Partnership Society. Your program reservation will be confirmed, and Geek Partnership Society will be invoiced.

Apply through the Geek Partnership Society website

The Raptor Center depends on public support for 60% of our annual budget.

Please give today.