Boreal owl


Boreas, a boreal owl
Quick facts: 
  • Hatch year unknown
  • Weight: 3.75 oz.
  • Found in Duluth, Minnesota, in 2005
  • Unknown collision
  • Un-releasable because of sight deficiency
  • Full-flighted

On February 10, 2005, Boreas was admitted to The Raptor Center’s clinic after being found in a parking ramp in downtown Duluth, Minnesota. The cause of his injury was unknown, but during his physical exam he was found to have substantial ocular damage (eye injuries). After two months of observation and visits with the ophthalmologist, it was determined that Boreas was un-releasable due to his sight deficiency. He was transferred to the education department as a tentative education bird in August 2005.

Because he has eyesight deficiencies, it may be more difficult for him to see where to fly. However, one of the most awe-inspiring traits of owls is their hearing, so Boreas is being trained to fly from pedestal to glove by listening for an auditory cue (the sound of two fingers tapping on the glove).