Northern saw-whet owl


Nova, a northern saw-whet owl
Quick facts: 
  • Hatch year: Adult in 2010
  • Weight: 92g
  • Found in Duluth, MN
  • Unable to be released because of blindness in her right eye
  • Female

Nova was brought to The Raptor Center after being found on the ground near the Duluth Education and Convention Center, presumably after hitting a window. She was unable to fly, disoriented, had blood in her mouth, and was unable to open her right eye when admitted. After several weeks of treatment for her damaged eye, an exam by the College of Veterinary Medicine’s board certified ophthalmologist revealed that she sustained permanent scarring, leaving her blind in her right eye.

Northern Saw-whet owls are a common patient in TRC’s clinic. They are the smallest owls east of the Mississippi River and stand at just seven (7) inches tall.

We held a contest on Facebook to give this owl a name. The winning name, “Nova” was in honor of Nova Scotia, the location where Northern saw-whets were first documented.