Owl Pellets

A unique teaching tool, direct from the manufacturer to your classroom!

Owl pellets are formed when owls swallow their prey whole, then cast a pellet out of their mouths 12 to 24 hours later. The pellet contains the indigestible bones and fur of the prey.

Owl pellets make a wonderful learning tool that can be used to introduce students to comparative skeletal anatomy, concepts of natural history, and ecology and predator/prey relationships. A great in-class activity before or after your visit to the Raptor Center!

Funds raised through the sale of owl pellets help support the care and feeding of our raptors and the important work we do in our clinic.

The Raptor Center Owl Pellets

Organic! Made in Minnesota!

$2.50 each / $25.00 per dozen
Shipping charges additional

All owl pellets have been autoclaved for cleanliness.

To place your order, contact the Raptor Center at (612) 624-4745, email us at raptor@umn.edu or download The Raptor Center's order form to print, fill out, and return by email, mail, or fax.