Each year, around 1,000 sick and injured wild raptors are treated at The Raptor Center's clinic. 

A world-renowned teaching hospital for wildlife, veterinary professionals from around the world come to study raptor medicine and surgery at The Raptor Center. The clinic staff is recognized for its groundbreaking work in avian orthopedics and critical care. The clinic is also well regarded for the training opportunities provided for veterinary students and veterinarians, along with their workshops on raptor rehabilitation, medicine and surgery, and captive raptor management. 

Short-eared owl

Short-eared Owl patient

2019 year to date total


Current patient count


2018 total was 950

Current Patient Census

Some of our patients are in individual patient cages while their injuries heal. Others are in large flight rooms or in managed areas for exercise before their release. 

As of August 13, 2019

Bald Eagle 22
Golden Eagle 0
American Kestrel 4
Peregrine Falcon 2
Merlin 5
Hawks - Accipiters
Cooper's Hawk 9
Northern Goshawk 0
Sharp-Shinned Hawk 0
Hawks - Buteos
Broad-Winged Hawk 17
Red-Shouldered Hawk 1
Red-Tailed Hawk 13
Rough-Legged Hawk 0
Barred Owl 2
Eastern Screech-Owl 2
Great Gray Owl 0
Great Horned Owl 4
Long-Eared Owl 0
Northern Hawk-Owl 0
Northern Saw-Whet Owl 0
Short-Eared Owl 0
Snowy Owl 1
Northern Harrier 0
Osprey 2
Turkey Vulture 1
Other 0

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