Recycling for Raptors

The Raptor Center has decided to end our inkjet recycling program.

Recycling for raptors logo

Recycling for Raptors has a been part of TRC since 2003. 


With the help of many individuals and organizations throughout the United States, The Raptor Center has recycled approximately 170,000 ink cartridges - amounting to over 8 tons of materials - since Recycling for Raptors began!  In 2012 alone, 13,570 cartridges were recycled.

Due to recent changes in the resale marketplace and business shifts to refillable and subscription programs for inkjet cartridges, there is no buyer for about 70% of the cartridges we collect, and the price paid for cartridges has also declined significantly.  TRC has decided to close the program.

If you have any questions, you may contact:
Nancie Klebba
Volunteer Coordinator

Below is a list of sites that accept used ink jet cartridges for recycling.
Businesses and Municipalities within Anoka County
Best Buy
University of Minnesota- Facilities Management