Host The Raptor Center at Your Site

Interested in an assembly program that will keep your students on the edges of their seats, or a unique presentation for your club or community group? An outreach program from The Raptor Center is your answer.

Invite the raptors to your school or event! The Raptor Center staff and raptors travel around Minnesota and the United States, providing a unique educational experience. Our programs are packed with age-appropriate information that is both educational and entertaining.

All outreach programs include:

  • a raptor education specialist,
  • at least three live raptors, and
  • a variety of hands-on props and activities that make this program a complete educational experience.

Our staff and raptors are also available for booth-style meet-and-greet events. Outreach programs are available seven days a week, and our staff travels nationwide.

Fees for outreach programs

  • Three raptors, such as a owl, hawk, and falcon (does not include an eagle): $295
  • Four raptors, including a bald eagle: $395
  • Each additional consecutive program on the same day at the same site: $120 each (up to four programs)

Additional charges will be applied if the program location is more than 50 miles from The Raptor Center. For more information, call 612-624-2756.

Schedule an outreach program

Submit a request form at least two weeks in advance. The form will request the following information:

  • Preferred date, time, and type of program (eagle or non-eagle)
  • The name and phone number of the teacher or other contact person for your group
  • The name, address, and phone number of the program location
  • The name and address to which our invoice should be sent
  • The approximate number of people who will be attending the program and their age or grade level
  • The type of room in which the program will be held (i.e., auditorium, gym, cafeteria)
  • Any special needs or requests
  • How you heard about us

We are happy to tailor our programs to topics your group is studying, special needs of your group, or an event theme.

Publicity for your Raptor Center outreach presentation

We encourage you to publicize your Raptor Center outreach presentation or event by creating and distributing flyers and posters and sending media alerts to your local newspaper and radio and TV stations. Please contact our education scheduling line (612-624-2756) for a copy of our logo and images you can use.

Tips to avoid rescheduling and cancellation

The Raptor Center charges a $65 fee for programs canceled less than two weeks before the date of the program. Two tips to avoid cancellation and rescheduling:

  • Check to make sure your program location is available before you schedule your program.
  • If you're planning a program with another group, confirm that they have cleared their schedule as well.