Just for Fun

Curious about raptors? Here's some activities, games, and videos to keep you occupied until your next visit to The Raptor Center!


Here's some ways you can incorporate raptor-friendly activities throughout the year:


If you have an old Christmas tree, use it to build a brush pile for instant bird shelter, or chop the trunk into pieces for feeders.


Get involved with citizen science projects related to raptors and other birds. You and your family can personally contribute to understanding more about birds. The Great Backyard Bird Count, Project FeederWatch, and Christmas Bird Counts are just a few you can participate in.


Donate old bird watching equipment such as binoculars or spotting scopes to local bird watching groups—they can get them to schools or biologists in other countries who may not have the resources they need.


Use old crockery, pie plates, and trays to create rustic feeders or unique bird baths. An old cup can also become a birdseed scoop, or a plate can be a simple baffle or feeder cover.


Plant native trees! Plant native bushes! These are important for cover and food for both migrating and nesting birds.


Build or purchase bird houses. Cavity-nesting species like American kestrels will thank you for it.


Drink water from the tap. Bring your own re-usable water bottle instead of buying/using the plastic water bottles you throw away (or recycle).


Go for a hike—without earbuds! Be sure to stay on the trails.


Knowledge is power. Find out how big your ecological footprint is—take the quiz!


Don’t litter on the highways and other roadways. Participating in local litter cleanups along beaches, rivers, parks and other bird-friendly habitats is a great way to keep birds' resting places safe and suitable.


The mesh bags that hold onions or other produce can be recycled for homemade suet feeders or nut feeders. They can also be used to offer nesting material to birds.


If you have gift to give—furoshiki it! Furoshiki is the Japanese art of wrapping things with cloth. View the many ways you can use this creative way to give gifts all year long. This reduces paper that is often not recyclable in the waste stream.