Boy Scouts

The Raptor Center has programs for Boy Scouts of all ages. All are an exciting learning experience that your scouts will never forget. Your group will explore the various raptors found in Minnesota and their role in the ecosystem. Scouts will learn about the positive and negative impact humans have on our environment and be inspired by some of our greatest environmental success stories, such as those of the peregrine falcon and the bald eagle. Scouts will leave feeling inspired and empowered, having learned specific things they can do to help protect raptors and the environment.

Scoutmasters will receive a comprehensive activity guide designed by raptor experts, scout specialists, and a Twin Cities Eagle Scout to help scouts complete the requirements for their badge.

Each program includes:

  • At least one raptor education specialist
  • At least three raptors, such as eagle, hawk, owl, or falcon
  • Hands-on teaching tools such as feathers, wings, skulls, and feet
  • Activity information pack for leaders
  • An official Raptor Center Red-Tail Trail patch, available only from The Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota, for all scouts ($3.00 per patch)

Programs are available at your location or ours.

Program costs

At your location

Suggested audience size: up to 200.

  • Three raptors, such as an owl, hawk, and falcon (not including an eagle): $295
  • Four raptors, including a bald eagle: $395
  • Each additional consecutive program on the same day at the same site: $120 each (up to four programs)

Additional charges will be applied if the program location is more than 50 miles from The Raptor Center.

At the Raptor Center

We can accommodate groups of 12-90 people.

  • $8.50 per scout (includes patch)
  • $5.50 per non-scout student.

To schedule your Raptor Learning Adventure, call 612-624-2756 or e-mail