Girl Scouts

Treat your troop to a raptor learning adventure!

The Raptor Center offers programs for Girl Scouts of all ages. The programs are an exciting learning experience that your scouts will never forget. Your group will explore the various raptors found in Minnesota and their role in the ecosystem. Girl Scouts will learn about the positive and negative impacts humans have on our environment and be inspired by some of our greatest environmental success stories, such as those of the peregrine falcon and the bald eagle. Scouts will leave feeling inspired and empowered, having learned specific things they can do to protect raptors and the environment.

Each program includes

  • At least one raptor education specialist
  • At least three raptors, including an eagle, hawk, owl, or falcon
  • Hands-on teaching tools such as feathers, wings, skulls, and feet
  • An official Raptor Center Red-Tail Trail Patch for each scout (available only from the Raptor Center/$3.00 per patch)

Girl Scout requirements filled by the Raptor Center’s program

  • Brownie Try-Its
    • Animals
      • 2. Understanding Animals
    • Watching Wildlife
      • 2. Animal Talk
  • Junior Badges
    • Pet Care
      • 10. Other Ways to be Around Animals
    • Environmental Health
      • 10. Get the Lead Out
    • Earth Connections
      • 6. Saving Animals and Plants
      • 7. Adapt or Perish
    • Your Outdoor Surroundings
      • 4. To Protect the Environment
  • Interest Projects
    • All About Birds
      • Skill Builders #2
      • Technology #4
      • Career Exploration #1

Programs are available at your site or ours. Outreach program costs vary based on location and number of raptors. Suggested audience size: up to 200 people. For programs conducted at the Raptor Center, the cost is $8.50 per scout and $5.50 per non-scout student. We can accommodate groups of 12-90 people.

To schedule your Raptor Learning Adventure, call 612-624-2756 or e-mail us at