Meet and Greet Booths

The Raptor Center staff member with education bird Lois60-minute minimum, 4-hour maximum

This informal educational experience is ideal for any event where individuals will be walking around and learning at their own pace. This program includes a minimum of three live raptors perched out on display with two highly trained educators. Participants can ask questions, take photos, or just relax and watch the raptors. This style of program provides opportunities for one-on-one learning with our raptor specialists. Having live raptors perched out at your next event is sure to inspire. Consider this program for field days, parents' weekends, career days, corporate picnics, employee appreciation days, bring-your-child-to-work days, fairs, festivals, church picnics, or any other event you want people to remember.

Program highlights

  • Three raptors such as an eagle, hawk, owl, or falcon
  • At least two raptor education specialists
  • Hands-on teaching tools such as feathers, wings, skulls, and feet
  • One-on-one question opportunities for learners
  • Excellent close-up photo opportunities

Pricing for your Raptor Center meet-and-greet booth starts at $345. For the more detailed pricing and availability information please reach out to the scheduling department at 612-624-2756,, or by submitting a program request form.

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