Our Feathered Friends

Program length: 30 minutes at your site, 45 minutes at The Raptor Center

Audience age range: Pre-Kindergarten through Grade two

Based on the Minnesota and national science standards, this eye-opening learning experience is designed to inspire our youngest learners to protect raptors and the environment we share. Learners explore the difference in living and non-living creatures and the requirements we all need to survive.  At least three different educational raptors visit with the children as we will explore what makes raptors unique and why they are an essential part of our environment.

Through hands-on interactive exploration, children learn about the different groups of raptors and meet them up close, "nose-to-beak."  Children learn why The Raptor Center is important and what they can do to help raptors and the world we share.

Program highlights

  • At least one raptor education specialist
  • At least three raptors in the program, such as a hawk, owl, and falcon
  • Hands–on teaching tools such as feathers, wings, skulls, and feet
  • Interactive questions

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When you attend a program at The Raptor Center, a 15 minute tour is included.

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When you schedule an Our Feathered Friends program, we can add a second program for toddlers at no additional cost.