Raptor Tails

Raptor Tails Spring Session Now Open for Registration!

Reading a book to children

Raptor Tails is an activity-oriented learning experience for ages 3-5 about raptors and their environment. Children will hear stories, take part in activities, and get to meet a live raptor eachsession. The goal of this program is for pre-schoolers to develop a positive relationship with raptors and the environment.

Schedule and Topics:
March 21: I Hunt in the Light, I Hunt in the Night
Meet live raptors and learn about their different hunting techniques.

March 28: What’s Special about Raptor Talons and Beaks
Meet a live raptor and learn how important beaks and talons are to raptors.

April 4: Who’s Been Here - Raptor Grossology
Meet a live raptor and learn what raptors do that is gross.