Summer Camps

The Raptor Center staff with kids at summer camp

Registration for University of Minnesota camps starts on February 12, 2018. 

University of Minnesota Recreation and Wellness Camps

Register:, call 612-625-2242 or email

All camps/topics are one week long.  A registration is for one week and one age group.

Wizarding World of Wildlife

June 18-22, two age groups: 8-9 (7564), and 10-12 (7565) $299
June 25-29, two age groups: 8-9 (7566), and 12-15 (7567) $299
In the tradition of Hogwarts, discover potions, herbology, transfiguration, the care of magical creatures, and of course flight! What do raptors have to do with dragons? Which magical house will you end up in? What magical  properties will your wand be made out of? Find answers to these questions and uncover the secrets of Minnesota’s ‘Hedwig’ and other interesting animals at the Raptor Center.

Working with Wildlife

July 16-20, two age groups: 9-11 (7572) and 12-15 (7573)
Come learn about life as a wildlife veterinarian at The Raptor Center, including the process of raptor rehabilitation from admission to release. Participate in lots of exciting hands-on activities and get up close and personal with live education eagles, hawks, owls and falcons. Camp also includes an extra field trip. A fun way to learn about the exciting science of veterinary medicine!

Enraptured with Raptors

June 11-15, two age groups: ages 6-7 (7568), and 8-9 (7569) $299
July 23-27, two age groups: ages 6-7 (7570), and 8-9 (7571) $299
Want to learn all about the birds of prey called raptors? Find out what characteristics all raptors have in common and the differences between owls, falcons, hawks, and other raptors. Take part in activities at the Raptor Center, see live raptors up close, plus attend a related field trip.


July 9-13, two age groups: 8-9 (7578), and 10-11 (7579) $299
Uncover the gross but fascinating characteristics of raptors. Learn why a turkey vulture poops on its feet and how it stays healthy even though it eats dead animals. Explore the difference between owl pellets and owl mutes. Look at the life cycles of some parasites that are “hitch hikers” on raptors and learn why these “natural recyclers” are an important part of the food chain. Try many hands-on activities and see live education owls, hawks, falcons, eagles, and a turkey vulture.

Raptor Biomimicry and Engineering

July 30-August 3, two age groups: 10-12 (7574), 13-15 (7575) $299
What does an owl have to do with a wind turbine? How can a turkey vulture teach us about solar energy? Explore nature's designs and how humans can be inspired by them at Biomimicry Camp at The Raptor Center. Spend the week designing and engineering using live raptors and bird adaptations as your muse!

Soaring the World with Raptors

August 6-10, two age groups: 6-7 (7576), 8-9 (7577) $299
Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a raptor? Soar the world with them through the seasons! Learn what it takes to migrate, survive the winter cold, nest in the spring, and swap in a whole new set of feathers as you get up close and personal with the birds at The Raptor Center in this brand new camp!

Carpenter Nature Center Camp

Eco-Navigators Raptor Camp

June 25-27, ages 11+, $125 or $115 for Friends of CNC
(Ages 11+) Spend a day at CNC and the Raptor Center at the University of MN learning about amazing birds of prey. On day one learn raptor basics, play predator-prey games, and observe raptors in the wild while you hike at CNC. Spend day two at the Raptor Center meeting their birds, observing raptor care and learning about the process of rehabilitating an injured bird of prey. Transportation to the Raptor Center is provided.

Register: CNC or call 651-437-4359

Tamarack Nature Center Camps

Raptor Rendezvous

July 16-19, students entering 3rd-6th grade ($195)
Registration: Ramsey County Parks and Recreation website     Phone: 651-407-5350      Registration Starts February 6 at 9AM
Join Tamarack Nature Center and The Raptor Center to explore raptors up close, as you meet a new bird daily and discover their awesome adaptations.  Learn how they use their feet as survival tools and examine the connection between feathers and flight.  Wrap up the week with a visit to TRC for a behind-the-scenes tour and activities.


Minnesota Landscape Arboretum (UMN) Camp

Raptors and Ravens Day Camp

July 9-12: Ages 7-11 (990-06-26-17-02) SOLD OUT
Join Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and TRC for a unique camp experience.  The sky's the limit when campers discover and investigate the amazing lives of the varied winged creatures soaring overhead, nesting in trees, and searching for worms in the dirt.  Learn how birds fly, what they eat, how feathers work, and why there are so many different types of bills and feet.  Get an up-close and personal look at a different live raptors each day.  Learn about backyard birding by making bird feeders to take home and discovering who comes to dinner.  Bring a friend and gain a deeper understanding of the world of birds through nature hikes, games, crafts, and other raptor-riffic activities.


Wild About Animals Day Camp

July 18-21, ages 7-11 (990-07-10-17-02) SOLD OUT
August 19-23, ages 7-11 (990-08-14-17-01) SOLD OUT
Become a wildlife biologist searching for signs of animal life using nets, magnifying glasses, binoculars, and field guides to learn which creatures call the Arboretum home.  Study animal and insect masters of camouflage to learn about the adaptations that enable them to hide in plain sight, and discover how these changes in structure, function, and behavior help them survive and thrive.  Campers will hone scientific observation skills through group team-building games, participating in real citizen science research projects and getting an up-close look at some surprise guests of the animal kingdom.

Registration: Minnesota Landscape Arboretum website  Phone: 952-443-1400

Three Rivers Park Camp - Richardson Nature Center

Up Close with Birds of Prey Camp

August 16-17, two age groups: 6-8, 9-13 ($130)
Get a behind the scenes look at the Minnesota Zoo’s Bird Show and University of Minnesota’s The Raptor Center. Spend one day at each site learning about birds of prey and exploring what makes these winged predators so unique. Complete a bird scavenger hunt and watch how wild raptors are trained and rehabilitated. Transportation provided to both locations. Ages 9-13 can combine with Eagles, Owls and Ornithologists Camp for a full week of raptor adventures. Reservations required.

Eagles, Owls, and Ornithologists Camp

August 13-15, ages 9-13 ($175)
Discover birds of prey, explore their habitats, and learn how to best identify them. Spend a day at The Raptor Center exploring how injured raptors are rehabilitated and then released into the wild or trained to become educational animals. Transportation to The Raptor Center included. Combine with Up Close with Birds of Prey Camp for a full week of raptor adventures. Reservations required.

Register: or call 763-559-6700 


Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Hawks and Owls and Eagles, Oh My! Camp

July 9-13, ages 9-12 ($295)
Each morning an Interpretive naturalist from The Raptor Center will bring a live eagle, owl, hawk, falcon, or vulture to MCAD for students to observe, learn about, and draw. In addition, examine, study, and sketch raptor bones, feathers, and eggs and play some fun raptor-related games. Throughout the week, we will take inspiration from historical and contemporary drawings of animals, especially birds, including the work of John James Audubon. Learn essential drawing and painting strategies in order to capture the characteristics and movements of the birds while exploring different media, such as pencil, charcoal, ink, watercolors, and acrylic paints. 


Minneapolis Institute of Art (Mia)

Drawing from Radical Raptors Camp

August 6-10, ages 11-14 (Price on sliding scale)
Get up close with real birds of prey and learn basic drawing techniques to capture their fierce beauty. Presented in partnership with the University of Minnesota’s Raptor Center.
Register online here or call 612.870.6323. Registration closes August 3.


Bell Museum

Birds and Birds of Prey Camp

June 18-22, for children entering grades 7 & 8 in the 2018-19 school year.
July 30-August 3, for children entering grades 7 & 8 in the 2018-19 school year. For prices, see registration page.
Explore the exciting world of ornithology in this new camp presented by the Bell Museum and Raptor Center. Campers gain the skills to go birding throughout various habitats, spend time with The Raptor Center’s outstanding winged ambassadors (eagles, owls, falcons and more). and visit the museum’s collection of birds from all over the world. Campers will also meet experts in field research, raptor medicine, bird training and nature art. Be ready to view the world from a bird’s eye view!