November 6, 2019

Our community of donors and volunteers support The Raptor Center's mission so we can rehabilitate raptors and continue our mission. Not only does philanthropy fuel over 60% of our work, but the time and commitment from supporters helps keep raptors flying free.

November 4, 2019

Meet Palisade, the newest team member to join The Raptor Center!

Each year we see around 1,000 raptors in our specialized rehabilitation clinic. As we go into 2020, we reflect back on the many success stories of those birds rehabilitated and returned back to the wild. Below are a very small handful of the raptors that came through our clinic in 2019 and are now flying free again!

Each winter when the weather turns cold and the local rivers and lakes start to freeze, bald eagles congregate in areas that still have open waters. Some of these locations are reliable from year to year, including along the Mississippi River at Colvill Park in Redwing, Minnesota. Each year, dozens of juvenile and adult eagles gather at this spot along the river where they are still able to hunt for fish.

When a homeowner in Mendota Heights, Minn., went to light a fire in her fireplace, the sound of a distressed bird in her chimney gave her pause. Suspecting the bird was an owl, she knew to call The Raptor Center (TRC) to perform a rescue. Long-time rescue and transport volunteer Alisha Walden responded.


The Raptor Center depends on public support for 60% of our annual budget.

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