February 17, 2020

Each year we receive a handful of calls regarding owls trapped in the chimneys of homeowners. Several species of owls use natural and manmade cavities for nesting and may mistake open chimneys as a potential nest site. The most common species we find trapped in chimneys is the barred owl. These large owls begin looking for a nesting location during the winter or early spring, and sometimes find their way into chimneys. Once inside, the depth and sheer walls make it difficult to escape.

November 6, 2019

Our community of donors and volunteers support The Raptor Center's mission so we can rehabilitate raptors and continue our mission. Not only does philanthropy fuel over 60% of our work, but the time and commitment from supporters helps keep raptors flying free.

On Friday, October 18 we received a very surprising patient in our clinic – a nestling barn owl!

In all of The Raptor Center’s 45 years, we’ve never had a nestling barn owl admitted to our clinic. While barn owls are known to occasionally nest in Minnesota, there are very few reported nests as our state is just on the edge of their typical nesting range.

We reached a new record in 2019 for the number of bald eagles in our care at one time - 31!

Most of the injuries we see in our patients are caused due to an interaction with humans, and unfortunately it's the raptor on the losing end of that encounter. Thankfully we have a dedicated team of volunteers, veterinarians, and veterinary technicians to help get many of these birds flying again.