A community effort

November 6, 2019

Our community of donors and volunteers support The Raptor Center's mission so we can rehabilitate raptors and continue our mission. Not only does philanthropy fuel over 60% of our work, but the time and commitment from supporters helps keep raptors flying free.

One great example of this community effort is the story of the two eagles that were locked in combat and then fell into the St. Croix River this past July. Untangling the two eagles and securing the one injured eagle involved several local citizens, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, and volunteers from TRC. Once in our clinic, public donations allowed us to provide the rehabilitative care necessary to help this eagle heal from its injuries.

The female eagle admitted to our clinic had several puncture wounds from the fight which required medical care from our trained veterinarians. The most serious injury was a puncture to its body cavity, very near the liver. Once the injuries healed, we exercised the eagle on a creance line to build up its strength and stamina. In September, the eagle was ready to be released.

With the help of the original rescuers, it was returned to the wild at Carpenter Nature Center, as 3rd grade students from Malone Elementary School looked on.

This rescue and release was truly a community effort, just like the assistance provided to each of the 1,000 raptors brought to our clinic each year. We could not do this work without the time, energy, and financial support of our community, and we thank you for that!

If you are looking for ways to join this community and support raptors and the environment, consider a gift for Give to the Max. All gifts, up to $54,000, will be matched dollar for dollar. Thank you!

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