Raptor Academy

Training for professionals working with raptors

Raptor Academy offers a comprehensive selection of learning opportunities for those working with raptors in captivity. Professionals gain hands-on training through workshops. Veterinarians and veterinary students have opportunity to gain experience in raptor medicine and surgery. Self-study online training courses let you learn at your own pace, or take our instructor-led courses, which are held in a virtual classroom with an instructor and other students.

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What is Raptor Academy?

Raptor Academy offers a comprehensive selection of learning opportunities, for those working with raptors in captivity.

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Online courses

In virtual classrooms, students learn the newest techniques and methods used to rehabilitate and recondition sick and injured raptors.

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Raptor Academy workshop


Our workshops are for professionals in rehabilitation, avian medicine, and captive raptor care and management.

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Our externs are responsible for assisting the interns, residents, and senior clinicians in the diagnosis and surgical/medical treatment of raptors and the other birds admitted to The Raptor Center.

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Our veterinary medical internship offers avian experience through supervised, hands-on clinical experience.

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Our program consists of both a clinical residency in Raptor and Avian Medicine Surgery and graduate work in either Veterinary Medicine or Public Health.

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