Raptor Academy

Training for professionals working with raptors

Online Courses

A Raptor Academy student is sitting at a desk and taking an online course from a laptop

Self-study online courses

These courses can be completed at a student's own pace and are designed for busy professionals looking to increase their knowledge of how to successfully care for raptors undergoing rehabilitation.

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An instructor in a white lab coat talking and pointing at an illuminated X-ray

Instructor-led online courses

When you take an instructor-led course, you meet online with an instructor and other students in a virtual classroom. Instructor-led courses utilize case-based learning and last six weeks. They offer one-on-one interaction with your instructor and may include preparatory reading, group discussions, and practical assignments. Each course offers up to 9 continuing education credits, as certified by Minnesota’s Board of Veterinary Medicine.

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Great horned owl eye exam


The Raptor Center offers learning opportunities in the form of single or short-series online webinars. These live events are entirely remote and can be taken from anywhere, with a variety of topics covered

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