Raptor Baby "Shower"

Every spring, The Raptor Center gives special help to nearly 120 raptor youngsters.  The knowledge and experience our staff gives raptor chicks are the best chances for survival in the early and often difficult months of their lives. Will you support this work by giving to our raptor baby shower?

If TRC can raise $20,000 by June 15, TRC board of advisor member Teresa Daly, and husband Greg Konat, will contribute $5,000.

OPEN: Tu-F 10-4pm Sa-Su Noon-4pm

Construction Detour Near TRC May 23 - June 17

There is a construction project near TRC May 23-June 17.

If you are planning a visit, please check the map link for more information.

Lead (Pb) Poisoning and Bald Eagles

For the past 40 years, lead exposure and lead poisoning have been major health issues for bald eagles received by or admitted to TRC's clinic. 

Spring Raptor Release Newsletter 2016

Our Spring Raptor Release newsletter is all about the next generation of scientists, environmentalists, and wildlife veterinarians, and how they will change the world.  Because it is raptor breeding season, the next generation of raptors is also arriving.  Explore these topics with our popular Tales from the Trauma Center, how technology is enhancing education, and what is new in conservation.